Received anonymously by activists in Spain:

Ciudad Real is one of the regions where more animals die because of this
"sport", we have the "pleasure" of being the only city of Spain with a
hunting research resources institute, and even more... during the last
weekend the fishing hunting and tourism fair, called Fercatur, took place

But we also enjoy doing "sports".

During the night of 14th to 15th we threw 3 red paint bombs at a huge
billboard advertising Fercatur located in one of the entrances to Cuidad
Real. There was a paradox in it because the billboard showed a picture of a
happy deer jumping. After the action the deer was bleeding.

During the 16th to the 17th we returned to the billboard and threw another
paint bomb, and we threw another one to the Hunting Federation of Castilla
la Mancha. Since then you can see the paint bombs effects in its main

For the animals. For animal liberation