Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

"On Friday 23rd September 2005, a group calling themselves the Oxford Arson Squad, acting on information, located an unoccupied house owned by Christchurch College, broke in and planted a number of large incendiary devices.

The message should be very clear to Oxford University:
1. We have spent 15 months researching you, and we know every weakness you have.
2. You have people within your ranks acting against you.
3. You cannot build the South Parks Lab without incurring massive losses.
4. We are stronger than you, we have more resolve than you and we never give up!
5. If we have to destroy every bit of property you own we will, in order to stop you inflicting your profit driven cruelties on defenceless creatures.
6. You cannot stop us, we are free to attack you at will, whenever and wherever we choose!