Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

Thursday 15th September must have been a miserable day for Dickerson Ltd. (who through their sister company Donarbon remove the waste from HLS), not only did it rain all day, but the night before their limestone quarry at Greetham in Rutland had been hit hard by an ALF cell.

The night was so still and quiet, that noise had to be kept to a minimum to prevent neighbouring houses becoming suspicious. Even so, with the moon illuminating the site we managed to deflate tyres on digging vehicles by destroying air valves, cut a large amount of wiring on JCBs and two large multi-part conveyer belts, sever many hydraulic lines, remove all start-up keys from various ignition points on the conveyer belts and paint slogans inside a storage shed and workers rest area. Finally we smashed our way through 2 locked doors to gain access to the site office which was ransacked, more wires were cut, office equipment damaged, paper work strewn over the floor and covered with water and the manager's new glasses and shoes cut up.

Dickerson Ltd./Donarbon, maybe it's best to get away from HLS whilst you still have some quarries in working order, after all look at what the ALF did to those belonging to RMC when they collaborated with animal abuse.

To be continued...