Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

Newchurch guinea pig farm is closing down! Such an amazing victory achieved by such amazing people. We decided to celebrate this historic day in true ALF style, by paying a visit to some of the heartless bastards from Donarbon Ltd. who support animal abuse at HLS.

Company director Robert Challis who lives at 1 Cherry Orchard, Oakington, CB4 5AY had two cars covered in paint stripper. All 8 tyres were also slashed.

Activists then climbed over the security gate outside the home of company secretaries Doris Lillian Dickerson and Rosemary Anne Dickerson - 8A Madingley Road, Cambridge, CB3 OEE and spraypainted the front of their house, leaving them in no doubt as to why they had been visited.

Covance, Hillgrove, Shamrock, Regal Rabbits, Cambridge, Newchurch.... Let's make sure HLS is next.

For the animals and for Sarah Gisborne who dared to do what most people only talk about