reported by activists in Finland:


Tampere - Window smashed at a fur shop (Sammon Turkis).

Helsinki - All windows smashed at a fur shop (Boutique Tarja Niskanen).


Helsinki - Two windows etched at a fur shop (Boutique Tarja Niskanen).


Juva - 17 hunting platforms destroyed.

Jyväskylä - Shitloads of posters and placards of Circus Finlandia destroyed and removed.

Helsinki - Six windows etched from a furrier and three locks glued.

Vihti - Three hunting platforms destroyed.

Hankasalmi - Equipment used for fishing destroyed.

Jyväskylä - Several windows destroyed at fur shop Valtonen.


Tampere - Windows of furshop (Sammon Turkis) etched and walls and windows decorated with red paint."