anonymous communique (click here for additional photos):

"Santa's little helpers have been deployed early this year, and they're already noting down the mean people onto their naughty list.....

One person set to receive a lump of coal is a turkey farmer in north Somerset. This man harbours thousands of turkeys for the purposes of murdering them and selling their dead bodies for people to tear apart across the christmas dinner table.

Had he looked out of his window last night, he would have seen several little elves carrying big presents through the mist. Inside each one, a gorgeous Bronze turkey escaping the concentration camp and being taken to safety.

Somehow, even though we murder gentle and intelligent creatures for the sake of consumption, we still call ourselves a 'civilised' society. At what point is slicing an individual's head off and feasting upon his or hers decaying flesh 'civilised'??

One day humankind will look upon animals as the intelligent and worthy individuals that they are. Until that day, we will be raiding your farms and animal abuse establishments until all are free...

ALF uk"