received anonymously:

"In the late night hours of September 17th, after hiking miles through the forest, we descended upon a Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) pheasant holding pen located within the EE Wilson Game Management Area. Aviation snips were used to cut a hole in the netting surrounding the pen allowing the approximately 100 ring-necked pheasants held inside to escape into the wild. The immediate area in which these pheasants were released is located in the 'safe zone', a section of the park in which hunting is prohibited.

These pheasants were slated to be used as part of a ODFW sponsored pheasant hunt. It was the goal of this action to spare these animals from an almost certain death at the hands of hunters and to at the very least disrupt the normal functioning of the hunt. It is sick and disturbing that non-human animals are continued to be used as commodities by hunters to be tortured and killed for sport. These pheasants were born into a life of captivity and confinement and it was a beautiful sight to see them fly free for the first time.


Note: We would like to request that the North American Animal Liberation Press Office (NAALPO) not speak on behalf us to the media, nor repost this press release to their website or social media pages. We find their continued association with activist Gary Yourofsky (who is listed as a 'press officer' for their organization) and his racist, misogynist, and misanthropic views to be repugnant and an embarrassment to the animal liberation movement. Gary and NAALPO do not speak for us."