reported by 269Life Libération Animale:

"« MALCOM » / Official video of the liberation of Malcom (a pig who has been rescued from a french slaughterhouse by the association 269Life Libération Animale).

After rescuing 15 turkeys from the Corico slaughterhouse in Monsols (France) on the 24th of august, the association 269Life Libération Animale led a new operation of liberation in one of the biggest french porcine slaughterhouse on the 7th of september. 58 activists of 269Life Libération Animale participated on this huge direct action which consisted in exfiltrating a pig to make him way towards a private sanctuary. This is the first time that a liberation led undisguised like this one was made in France. The action has been prepared for weeks have required the deployment of an important logistical system & a considerable risks taking for the most of the people involved.

We are very thankful for the activists who have welcomed Malcom & have given him a new life."

"« SPREAD THE WINGS » : Official video of the direct action of liberation led undisguised in a slaughterhouse by the french antispeciesist organization 269Life Libération Animale on the 24th august of 2017.

All our thoughts go to the victims that we couldn't rescue during the action. We will come back."