anonymous communique (click here to view additional photos):

"During a night in September, a group of liberationists set out to locate and destroy a large scale game breeder in East Sussex.

Water dispensers were sliced and combined with feed hoppers to soil the grain, barbed wire fences were cut, and a nearby fox trap was chopped to pieces. However tonight wasn't about causing economic loss. It was about liberating innocent lives..... AND causing economic loss!

Workers living on the site in a portacabin and caravan with dogs barking through the night didn't deter us. We located an intensive breeder shed, crammed solid with hundreds of young Partridges. Outside was a run where the birds could leave the dusty shed to walk through inches of their own excrement and see the outside world through metres of wire mesh and netting. Not any more! A few hours with us there and the runs were in pieces, having removed the roof netting and ripping side panels down. Thousands of birds were herded from the units and were last seen flying off into the skies, back into the wild where they should be.

These 'people' are fairly thick types so in case it wasn't clear who had been we left a few messages around the place. 'LOST SOMETHING?' adorns the side of his now empty breeding unit, along with 'FUCK SHOOTING'.

ANIMAL LIBERATION NOW - what are you waiting for?

Countryside Resistance"