received anonymously (click on photos for larger versions):

"In June we reported our hacks on NFU Mutual, the financial arm of the animal hating NFU. Since June we have not only kept our access to NFUM databases but expanded it and now we even have access to their mail servers. As we sat in our setts it was amusing to read the emails detailing their inept attempts to uncover us and even more funny to see them congratulating themselves that 'no hack had occurred'!

We warned we would use the details we found on NFUM servers to financially destroy those involved in the cull. The cull started last week and we have now uploaded the details (including account information) of those known to be involved in the cull to several 'carding' websites where they will be used for identity theft or just to empty their bank accounts. These farmers and landowners wont be able to fund the slaughter of our wildlife with no money. When we find others involved in the cull we will upload their details.

We were surprised that NFUM failed to close their massive security holes after we released the statement in June. But having seen the emails we now know it is simply because their IT support is crap.

In addition to financial details we found other useful data such as car reg details of those we know involved in the cull. We've attached photos of the reg details of vehicles insured at the Forthampton estate.

The real battle to save our friends in the Somerset and Gloucestershire kill zones is with the brave hunt sabs who will be out every night saving lives. Those of us who's setts are too far away to directly help our friends in danger will continue to find new exploits to attack NFUM.

NFU Mutual is the financial arm of the NFU. They provide millions every year in donations to the NFU. Without NFUM the NFU would not have the money to lobby our corrupt politicians to keep laws on animal welfare lax. With No NFUM, there would be No NFU and so no live export trade from the UK and no badger cull. NFUM's existence causes needless suffering to millions of animals.