Reported by the Russian Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group:

"At night on September 3rd we came to territory of a fur farm 'Pioneer' in settlement Pekhenets in 100 km to the south from St.Petersburg. We have decided, that because of good arrangement of a farm: near to reservoirs and big wood, it is perfect place for releasing minks. On the approach to the fur farm we started feeling strong specific smell of fur farm waste. You can only imagine how animals with much more sensitive noses feel themselves in this constant bad smell. The farm has been surrounded by a fence which was easily broken with different tools. The parts of the fencing nearest to the wood have been removed and the gate was broken. When the easy way out from farm has been opened, we started to open cages. There were 2-3 minks sitting in each tiny cage with metal lattice instead of floor. Their life has been transformed into horror and if they not be rescued, they would be expected cruel end. Usually on such farms minks are killed by electricity, suffocation or poison. Till this moment all of them have the only way from the farm: in October-November to slaughter, but this starlit night everything has been changed. For many of them there was an opportunity to be rescued and find new home where their life will bring them pleasure, instead of suffering.

We were opening cages one after one and heard how behind us minks went out of cages and flopped on the ground. They sniffed at all around and each
other. The first time in their life they ran on grass and bathed in water, rushed one after another, playing. Those one, who saw this, would never
forget it! Minks swarmed up roofs and fences, without any help they overcomed not tumbled down parts of the fencing and ran to the wood. The
number of released animals was increasing and at the same time more and
more cages became empty. More than 15,000 cages were opened this night and more than 30,000 animals got the chance to escape from this hell.

We know that many of them have been returned in cages, and we regret for
it, but we are happy for each mink who could avoid returning to hands of
executioners. Every rescued life was worth to do what we have done. We
address to employees of this farm and those farms whom we shall visit in the future: leave animals alone! They are capable to live easy in the nature because the nature is their primary house. To those who work in these concentration camps we suggest: better to do something useful, for example, to grow up sprouts as you, by the way, sucessfully do it on the
other part of your farm, where cages with animals were before. Let's do it in the same manner!

Each person is capable to live without causing harm to another. Everyone can wear clothes without fur and leather. And many people do this! Including us. We wanted and have changed our lives in such manner that other lives feel better. It means that others can easily do the same.

We have left inscriptions against murder of animals on one of the farm buildings. We hope that employees of fur farm will think on these words and something will change in their minds. The action has been recorded on video which we attached to this message. As well as we are, everyone can help animals to get freedom. Carefully plan the action and operate!

Animal Liberation Front"

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