anonymous communique:

"A trip to the White Crag Plantation on Rombalds moor, led to the discovery of a fully functional pheasant pen. The three small water distributors were sawn up, along with the connecting pipes. The main connector was placed out of commission and the large water butts were sliced into.
The pheasant feeders had their springs removed and the feed was spread around. The fencing had holes cut into it, and was then brought down around the perimeter. Pheasant feeders in the vicinity had their lids removed, and much of the feed was emptied out. Two large containers with feed inside had the bags opened and the feed was scattered. Two set fen traps were also found, released, and then disposed of.

This action is dedicated to the withdrawal of shooting rights on Ilkley moor, do the right thing and give the moor back to the people and to the wildlife that lives there.

Grouse Liberation Front"