anonymous communique:

"Over the bank holiday weekend the ALF were busy on the Exbury Estate in the New Forest. This is the family home of Marcus Agius' inlaws, and the gardens are a local tourist attraction.

Marcus Agius is Chairman of Barclays. Barclays have been given a simple choice; get HLS [LSR] off of the NYSE, or drop your NYSE shares. A lack of action can be seen as nothing less than a continued betrayal of the animals inside HLS.

We hope our visit to your inlaws will help make the decision easier, especially when you have to explain to them why their miniature railway has been sabotaged, their bridges and walkways have been painted, their flowers 'relocated', and why their 'Wiggly Tree' has lost its wiggle.

Painting across the site made it clear why we had been, and rest assured, if you don't do what we ask, we will return.

See you at Kew Marcus!