received anonymously:

"Over the summer of 2015, we visited and video recorded Springbrook Fur Farm at 1561 Berletts Road in St. Agatha, ON, The Jeff Mitchell Mink Ranch at 325327 Norwich Road in Norwich, ON, and The Millbank Fur Farm at 5675 Jones Baseline Road in Guelph/Eramosa, ON.

We again documented mink stuffed into obscenely small cages which appears to be the industry standard across Ontario Mink Factory Farms.

Springbrook Mink Farm has video cameras throughout the property, a fence, and outdoor speaker alarm system.

One security camera was seen at the rear of the Jeff Mitchell Farm. The mink are housed inside a locked? warehouse structure and there is no fence.

The Millbank Farm has no fence and no cameras were observed. This farm was exceptionally primitive and run down. It almost looked abandoned. The water containers for the animals here were covered in dust and spider webs, indicating that the mink here were being deprived of water for extended periods of time. We felt we had no choice but to release as many mink as possible from this hell hole. We rejoiced as we watched scores of them escape into the surrounding woods to freedom.

We have exposed what the fur industry has tried to hide from the public and in doing so we hope that responsible citizens will stop supporting the fur trade and animal cruelty in this province and beyond. We ask activists, community leaders, and anyone with guts and conviction who know in their hearts that animals deserve our empathy and protection to oppose the Fur Trade by any means legal or not.

Until every cage is empty we will be on the attack,

The Real Humane Society

Animal Liberation Front"