received anonymously:


In the early hours we lit up the sky for all that is wild.
We want to send this message to all the animal abusers and nature exploiters.
We know how to find you and we will attack! We won't ask nicely anymore.
Now it was Anders Olof Adolf Ekblom's turn to feel the heat. Anders is President of AstraZeneca Sverige AB, Executive Vice President, Development AZ Int.

AZ is one of the biggest clients of Huntingdon Life Sciences, a company
that alone kills 500 animals a day.
By being a client AZ pays for the torture inside HLS this makes them as much to blame for what happens inside HLS's gates as HLS themselves.

We burned down your nice AUDI A6 on your driveway at Kulörgränd 6
Jarfalla, Sweden, in the hope that maybe now you get the message and stop your dealings with HLS.

If people want to ask Anders 'Adolf' Ekblom to stop dealing with HLS you can call him on this number +46(0)858 033 429

until everybody is free
and every cage is empty

Animal Liberation Front