Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

On Monday 24th October an Animal Liberation Front cell attempted to gain access to the York Refridgeration building in Wolverhampton. Sadly after forcing open a door leading into the vehicle storage area an alarm was triggered and the attack had to be stopped. York Refridgeration were lucky this time, next time though things will be different.

As this was all happening a second cell were watching the premises of another HLS supporter, UK Pallets (an important part of the Business Post distribution empire). Their main headquarters in Lichfield had been under surveillance for a couple of hours before the cell swung into action, crawling through mud and puddles to puncture tyres on at least 20 workers cars, covering 6 with paint stripper and spraying paint onto others. Got the message yet Business Post?

For the animals, for the prisoners and for Barry Horne whose spirit lives on through the actions of the Animal Liberation Front.