reported anonymously:

"During September/August we have launched a new offensive at shooting estates across the country. Shooting stands got toppled and destroyed at one location, and traps and snares have been repeatedly removed at another as well as birds being taken from release pens. One gamekeeper in particular got so frustrated he got on a mission to catch us and set up a broken spring trap (where one had previously been removed) and placed a trip camera opposite in hopes of catching images of us in action. Sadly for you, Graham (gamekeeper), we spotted the camera, which was poorly concealed by a few leaves in a tree. We now have some fantastic mug shot pictures of you and your friends from when you were setting the camera up and we have seen everything you lot have been doing in the past month or so. As well as this, we will now be using the (now ours) £180 trip camera to watch you. Good try, but not good enough, Graham! Not-good-enough!

Always watching - Animal Liberation Front"