anonymous communique:

"In the night of 6th October we went up to the house of Vincent van Dessel, an important scumbag of NYSE Euronext in Belgium. You live in a luxurious house with a huge garden. [...]

As long as HLS is still listed on NYSE Arca we will live in the night [...] This time we [...] paintstripped the two motorcycles in front of your door, punctured the tires and threw blood colored paint on your walls and door. We were with quite a lot of people so it gave us some time to redecorate your garden. We basicly threw around all of your nice little flowers and plants, we hope you liked it!

It is serious Vincent [...] Innocent animals are suffering and are being killed in Huntingdon Life Sciences. It is us who have to stand up and make HLS history. [...] It's your choice NYSE Euronext [...]

Make the right decision or we will be back [...] ....

Animal Rights Militia

Vincent van Dessel
Kuikenstraat [...] Sint-Katelijne-Waver