Received anonymously by activists in Italy:

"On the morning of the 18th of October (Bergamo; Italy) the paint of the cabin of a DHL truck was damaged.

The sabotage was not as big as we would like to, but it was enough to let know to the scum of DHL that any of their vehicles parked in the streets are not safe from our anger. We urge everyone to take action against DHL, UPS and all this bloody businesses who profit dealing with HLS. Using all the tools that we have on our hands we will attack. Don't you ever loose a single opportunity of letting these businesses know that we really care for the animals.

Until the bulldozers come into HLS, we will keep the fire burning.

PS (To DHL and UPS): you are taking too much risk dealing with HLS; you
will have to face more sabotages from other cells, it is just a matter of