Received anonymously by activists in Germany:

"Anti fur action Lünen
In the night of october the 6th an attack against Peek&Cloppenburg in Lünen was done. Several locks were glued and windows were etched."


"we have etched "fur is murder" into the windows and the entrance door of the P&C store in lüneburg.

stop dealing with fur - it it will crack big time!


"A house of Peek and Cloppenburg in Halle an der Saale was target of a direct action on September the 26th 2005. In the evening hours we etched all windows and glassdoors with acid. A large amount of butric acid was splattered through the entrance door several meters into the shop. We demand the end of the fur trade in the clothing-store.

we come again. TBF"


"in the night from the 18th to the 19th of august 2005 we liberated 20 hens from a so-called "battery" near heidelberg. we sucessfully brougth the 20 liberated hens into a new, better home."


"At the 9th of October three shooting plattforms were destroyed in Kamenz.

...more action will follow...

A.L.F. (R.A.L.)"