anonymous communique (click here for additional photos):

"We may only be a small group and a new cell but we are more determined than ever to fight animal abuse in the best way we can. In recent times we have seen lots of people persecuted by NETCU and the British Government for peaceful protest so we decided to bypass the troublesome options and go for the more direct ones instead.
thank-you NETCU for the inspiration!
In the start of October we went to a large battery farm in West Yorkshire. We got into the sheds through an unlocked door leading to the shit compartment underneath the cages. There we found many hens living in hell. We did some research and this is actually illegal for the hens to be left to drown or starve in this shit filled hell. So we did what was right and took all of the hens from all of this part of the sheds. Some of them had been there so long they had hardened shit stuck to their feet and one hen was totally encrusted because she was found dying in a puddle of water and shit.
These hens were bathed in warm water, had their feet chisled of crap and wrapped in fluffy warm towels before being put back outside with fresh food, water, grass and sunlight. All of the hens are now recovering from a life of slow torture for the sake of cheap eggs.

We'll be back.
Fuck NETCU & all forms of animal abuse.
Yorkshire ALF"