anonymous report:

"Anti-Hunting Action.
Four very large advertising signs for the Ward Union Point to Point were destroyed with paint. The ALF is watching your cruel activities and will stop you any way we can. Release the tame stags at your premises and give hunting up now.

Anti-Circus Actions.
Over 40 Advertising signs for The Royal Russian Circus in County Meath were destroyed or removed. This Courtney circus have in its trailers, giraffes and Elephants. They had not started their performances yet on the site. Lose the animals or you will have no peace.

Over 60 signs belonging to Circus Hoffenburg erected on the Navan Road and in Fairyhouse were removed and destroyed. Another name change for a Courtney Circus. Are you ex-Sydney or ex-Vegas? It does not matter, animals are imprisoned in chains in your beastwagons and abandoned this season alone.

Till all are free....ALF."