Received anonymously:
NOTE: since the attack, Greenville has sold all of its shares in LSRi.

"Greenville Capital Managament is the second largest investor in Huntingdon Life Sciences, also known as Life Sciences Research, Inc. Greenville, you must sell off your shares and stop investing in cruelty. To this end we have employed an automatic telephone dialer against your company.

When operating, a phone call is placed every thirty seconds. Have you enjoyed the hundreds of phone calls per day the last four days? First you disconnected your 1-800 number. Bad for customers! We still got through with collect calls. When this was blocked, we altered the program to dial you directly.

Now, you don't even answer the phone, you let the voicemail pick it up. And still the calls come, directed to specific parties (why is no one answering?). And of course your customer service line is called repeatedly. All of this seems bad for business.

Greenville Capital, stop investing in LSRI. This is a "hello". If you think this is bad for you, just wait. MUCH much more is coming unless you drop LSRI."