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"Animals are not commodities ! We are not commodities !

On the 4th of October will be held an animal farming summit ( at Clermont-ferrand in France. Most of the websites on this server are participants and exhibitors of this grotesque production of violent and obscene cruelties towards non-human animals all the while killing the land and exploiting those that work them. We had the capacity and the means to shut these websites down, so we did.

No compromise in defence of mother nature.

Animals, neither human or non-human are products, slaves, pets or commodities that we can objectify the ways we want to. A large group of humans (especially white, rich or strong males) actually do think that everything around them is exploitable and they can bend everything to obey their will. Well, we will prove them wrong, this is our cyberguerrilla anonymous way of saying FUCK YOU TOO �� Their infrastructures are weak and vulnerable. $rm -rf /crapitalismo-specista

There is also a call out for a week of international antispecist action from 30 October till – 5 November 2017. The call out translated in several languages :
Contagio Antispecista

-[ Join those who fight back on all fronts for a different world ]-
-[ Join the anarchists, ALF, ELF, Anonymous or your local antispe or
antifa mouvements ]-
-[ Join us where CyberGuerrilla meets and connects the AnonBloc & the
BlackBloc ]-

Dedicated to our (fallen) comrades behind the operations that helped changing the systems or helped better the life’s of all the victims, human or non-human, from oppression and fear.

we are anonymous
we are a radical bloc
we never forget injustice
we do not forgive oppressions and repression
You should have expected us

There is no justice, just us !"