received anonymously:

"During the early hours of Wednesday, October 2, the Animal Liberation Front raided a mink farm near Lefeuvre and Downes Road in Abbotsford, about an hour from Vancouver. The entire perimeter fence at the back of the farm was cut before over 800 cages were opened to allow the mink a chance to escape to freedom.
The surrounding ecosystem was ideal mink habitat, marshlands and dense forest where the animals made a swift escape.
Contrary to popular belief, the Canadian mink industry is anything but humane. The cages the mink were locked in were full of feces and mostly rusted shut. Mink living in cages together had fought and plenty of the animals were covered in severe wounds. Some cages had dead animals, clearly left for weeks.
A myth put out by the mink industry claims that they cannot survive in the wild, once released but that was proved as just myth when a BC Wildlife Biologist stated that no one could tell him that they would not survive in the wild. This was a direct quote from a Vancouver Sun Article, published just after the release.
We stand in solidarity with the brave few who have taken direct action to free mink across the United States and Canada this year. Let this continue. Pelting season is still weeks away and the time to empty cages is now. The farm house we raided was only 50 feet from the barns. Do not let the closeness of the farm house deter you from liberating animals. They need it now more than ever.
To those who say the animal liberation movement is dead, think again. How can animal liberation be dead if the Animal Liberation Front is forever?
You cannot kill an idea, and we will not be ruled by fear.
Until every cage is empty,
The Animal Liberation Front"