Animal Liberation Aotearoa received the following communique
(click here for a gallery of photos from the action; click here for video footage):

"The myth of Aotearoa's clean, green countryside masks a deadly truth. That this countryside is home to pain, suffering and murder. When you drive in the country what you see is land stolen from indigenous inhabitants, hills and streams stripped of their native forest cover and animals trapped on pastoral and factory farms. These animals are waiting to be killed, their babies ripped away from them and their bodies abused. This is the real truth of the Aotearoa countryside.

In celebration of World Vegetarian Day and World Farm Animals Day we liberated two lambs, two broiler chickens and ten battery hens from a life of suffering and an untimely death. We also attempted to rescue ducks from the factory farm however upon entering, we found that the whole farm was empty. Hopefully for good. The animals were rescued to spare them from slaughter and challenge the assumption that animals are food.

Before we discuss this action any further we would like to clear up something that always seems to overshadow any underground actions; this being the choice to keep our identity anonymous. It is not because we want to appear militant or that we are embarrassed or ashamed of the action that we have taken. We choose to remain anonymous for two reasons; the animals and the state.

We have taken this action for the animals; it is their face that should be seen. Our story, who we are, why we are involved and how we feel is irrelevant. What is of the utmost importance is the plight of the animals. Who they are and that they suffer. Often the story of the activists involved overshadows the story of the animals. We do not want to see any attention diverted away from the animals. Their story must be the one that is told.

The second reason is the state. We are not naive enough to think that the state will do anything to help the animals. The state is an enemy of the animals and anyone who defends them. The state exists to protect the interests of the rich and powerful; many of whom are animal abusers. As we have seen in recently in the UK, USA and Austria the state will not shy away from using state forces to crack down on those involved in the struggle for animal liberation. We do not want to be martyrs and we do not want to help the state prevent us from taking actions for the animals. The longer we can remain anonymous the longer we can continue our work for the animals.

Everyone loves springtime, the daffodils, the re-emergence of the sun and cute young animals bouncing around the countryside. What people choose to forget is that those very same lambs, calves and kids that they stop to admire will soon be taken from their mothers and sent to the slaughterhouse to be killed. So that the people that stopped to admire them can eat their young butchered bodies.

Dairy cows and goats are kept alive and continually pregnant; this ensures that they continue to produce milk. This milk is meant to nourish their young, milk that is stolen by companies like Fonterra and fed to humans. Humans who are only meant to drink human milk until they are weaned from their mothers as small children. The cow and goat mothers will often not get a chance to nurture their young. They are sometimes induced before the calves are fully formed or the calves are born and taken away from their mothers within a few days of birth. This ensures that they do not drink much of the mother's milk as this would reduce the farmer's profits. The young calves and kids are sent to the slaughterhouse and are killed for YOUR dinner. Their mothers are killed a few years later when their exhausted bodies can no longer produce as much milk.

Hidden in the depths of the killing fields of the countryside are factory farms housing pigs, ducks, turkeys and chickens. All trapped in filthy, overcrowded sheds where they are fattened up until they are ready to be killed for their flesh.

Battery and free range hens are also killed after being condemned to a life of suffering and exploitation. Where they would naturally produce 20 eggs a year battery and free range hens have been bred to produce more than ten times this in a year. Environmental manipulation also ensures that they produce as many eggs a year as possible. This leaches nutrients from their small bodies and when egg production drops off they are killed for pet food and chicken stock. Battery hens are killed at an age of 18 months and free range hens are killed at about five years of age. Naturally hens will live very happy and fulfilling lives for over ten years.

We are not asking for bigger sheds, no cages and better killing practises and we are not asking for welfare advances. We are fighting to challenge our destructive culture; we are fighting for animal liberation. There is no such thing as ethical meat, milk or eggs. All involves the killing of individuals and the infliction of fear, pain and suffering.

Animals are all individuals, with personality, desires and relationships with other animals. People do not want to see this and they do not want to know who is suffering and being killed for their dinner.

This World Farm Animals Day we challenge you to think about it, to get to know those killed for your food and to open your eyes and heart to their suffering. We challenge you to go vegan.

Live for the freedom of the earth, the people and the animals!"