anonymous report, from the North American Animal Liberation Press Office:

"See video (more footage coming soon) from the Ontario fur farms visited by the ALF here:

Over the summer of 2015 we visited and video recorded Willow Pond Mink Farm at 105 Maple Grove Road in Scottland, ON. We witnessed injured mink with gapping wounds crammed into small cages that were covered in dirt and feces. The ground in the facility was also caked in feces. There were strong pungent fumes of urine and feces in the air. The animals here had no access to water. The farm has no fence and no security cameras. There is a large waste container at the rear of the farm.

Chesterfield Mink Ranch at 423 Erie Street South in Wheatley, ON was also visited and video recorded. The mink here were also confined in small wire cages. We documented them being fed foul rotting food covered in maggots. This factory farm was a large operation with advanced security. It is surrounded by a fence with a movement sensor. There are numerous infrared cameras and guard clogs.
Another fur farm located at 5675 4th Line in Guelph/Eramosa was also visited but appeared to be out of service. There were mink sheds but no cages were present. The owner appeared to be using them for storage.

Abusing and torturing animals in horrific conditions of confinement will not continue to be tolerated in Ontario. We call on the public and government officials to take action and put an end to the fur trade and an end to these obscene factory farms. We call on the fur farmers of Ontario to close your animal prisons and find new and rewarding careers. If you do not close these farms clown, we will close them down for you.

The Real Humane Society
Animal Liberation Front"