anonymous report:

"A Barclays bank in Brighton city centre got a new paint job last night. Unfortunately for them it was the ALF and not their usual contractors. We hope they like this new wall decoration which now reads DROP LSR SHARES, SCUM, DROP HLS and ALF repeatedly across walls & windows.

We are just getting started Barclays, drop your HLS and NYSE shares 'cos we've got a lot more in store for you and it wont just be paint next time. HLS are worth nothing and were making sure they're going to be worth BELOW ZERO in ANY way we can. We'll go anywhere and do anything, no distance or effort is a problem when we have the screams of murdered animals ringing in our ears. Sell your shares if you don't want to be targetted from every angle we can find. Its quite simple.

You've been warned. Anywhere anytime, we're coming for you.