reported by activists in Italy:

" Two nights ago all main tv news spoke of a fire that destroyed a fur farm in Conco, near Vicenza. No one was injured, and all the 15.000 animals kept in there were 'safe'. The attack destroyed completely the main building with offices, machinery, store rooms and refrigerators. On the site was left a writing saying 'Stop the animal's genocide' and 'SAVI: today it's here, tomorrow will be at yours'.
SAVI is the name of the farm which was working since early eighties. The damages are estimated at around 150.000 euros, but will probably be much higher. Fire fighters worked five hours to put out the flames, which could be seen high in the sky from surrounding villages.
With all the feed destroyed the farmer will be probably forced to anticipate the slaughter, with extra loss of money.
The farmer said he knew he could be a target and that some actions could happen, but not such a disaster."