Received anonymously:

"The end of the Krebs Trial

Between October 23rd and 30th 2005, DEFRA were trapping and shooting badgers in North Devon, for the final cull of the 'Krebs Trial', attempting to prove a link between badgers and the spread of bTB in herds of dairy cows.

From day one it was clear that DEFRA were more interested in catching animal rights activists than badgers! DEFRA vehicles patolled the area day and night; and on one occasion a group of DEFRA workers and farmers persued 1 activist on foot for an hour and a half!

Police from Exeter, Bude, Bideford, Barnstaple & Holsworthy joined hands as part of 'Operation Compost', and went to great lengths to try and stop our
activities. They waited on badger setts and recklessly chased activists into
a huge river; followed our vehicles for miles out of the cull area; worked undercover, even dressed as DEFRA workers; brought out a helicopter, several times, complete with heat sensors and search light; and used dogs and flood lights on foot!!

Yet despite the best efforts of DEFRA, local farmers and the police we found 3 trapped badgers which were released. Over 140 traps were found and destroyed and almost 50 badger setts protected.

Animal Liberation Front"