Received anonymously:

"East Cornwall badger cull

Just days after finishing the Exmoor cull, DEFRA began surveying badger
activity in East Cornwall, and we did the same. We checked badger setts
previously trapped by DEFRA finding most were still in good order, and
explored new ground finding many more setts to protect.

The cull started on September 12th '05 and lasted 8 days, during this time 2
trapped badgers were found and released. Over 200 traps were found and
disabled saving countless other lives. One farmers hedgecutter was found a
little worse for wear after colliding with a hidden trap (the trap needed no
further attention!)

With few traps left to check, some sick DEFRA workers found the time to
spread used bullets around near one badger set, and one trap was found
with a cow bone placed inside.

We will not forget what DEFRA have done and will double our efforts during
the next cull.

Animal Liberation Front"