Received anonymously:

"Farmed Deer Release, November 2nd 2005

During the early hours of the morning, our group cut huge expances of fencing and released hundreds of deer into the wild from two venison farms in Cornwall. This attack on the slaughter of deer for meat was reported on the BBC news, whilst the deer settled into their new life of freedom on nearby Bodmin Moor.

Our first stop was a farm near St Neots. The BBC news feature revealed that we destroyed ten thousand pounds worth of fencing, for which the silly farmer had no insurance! He told that "hundreds" of deer - half of his herd
- had been set free.

The second stop was a farm near Cardinham, from which deer have been released before. The news feature revealed we had also released hundreds of deer from this farm and caused "thousands" of pounds of damage. The farmer is offering a thousand pound reward for any information!

All in a night's work!

Animal Liberation Front."