recent actions in Umeå, northern Sweden:

"Umeå 16 september: We visited the fish company Gavlefisk AB and smashed their windows to show what we think of their dirty business. ALF

Umeå october: 20 hunting platforms were turned over and destroyed in the forests around Umea. ALF

Umeå 10 october: Numerous windows were smashed at the Resturang Garaget. The restaurant lives off of barbecuing whole lambs and other animals and earlier this year the owner got to fullfill his childhood dream, to barbecue a whole 270kg ox. ALF

Umeå 16 october: The fishing store Blixtsport, who makes money out of selling fishing equipment made for thetorture and killing of fish, got their windows smashed. ALF

Umeå 26 october: The Resturang Garaget was visited again and got their new windows smashed.

Umeå 3 november: All the locks on the Resturang Garaget was glued to show what we think of their torturing business. ALF"