anonymous communique received by activists in Italy:

"November 2, 2008 - Rome

Tonino Sbardella has been ruining the lives of thousands of mink for years inside the 15 sheds of his concentration camp on Mink Road in San Cesareo (Roma).
Inside the farm there were a lot of old cages that have been replaced by new cages, a few centimetres bigger... centimetres we do not care about... We do not want to see any living being inside bigger cages.
Tonight thousands of mink had the opportunity to feel real freedom, made of soft ground and running water to dive in.
Someone will say that many of the mink will end up under the tyres of cars, but we ask you: is there so much difference from a life in a cage waiting for a death sentence that has already been decided? We know the answer and tonight we acted, tearing down fences and opening all the cages.
This action, for those sharing our ideas, is an invitation to take part in the struggle, acting in this direction and going beyond your fears.
As it has been written on the walls of the farm:
'Freedom cannot be asked for, it can only be taken!'"

This farm has been raided at least three times before, in December 2007, March 2005 and in 1998.