reported by activists in New Zealand (click here for photos):

"New Zealand activists break into Foxton factory farm, taking twenty battery hens.

Animal rights activists have broken into a large battery hen farm in Foxton taking twenty hens early on Sunday morning. The activists say they openly broke the law because they are fed up with the government’s lack of action on animal rights.

Ten animal rights activists from all over the country took part in the raid which is the first of many “open rescues” in which activists will admit responsibility for illegally entering farms to rescue animals. They said the government has left no other option but to break the law. Over a decade of campaigning has resulted in overwhelming public support for a ban on battery cages, and this year, Parliament’s Regulations Review Committee (made up of MPs from many different political parties) ruled that battery cages do not comply with the Animal Welfare Act, and they must be phased out over time. In September the Minister of Agriculture, Jim Anderton, announced he was overruling the parliamentary committee, saying change would be too hard on the poultry industry. This is our response, and there is more to come."

media report:
"20 hens taken in raid on battery hen farm. A group of activists has broken into a Foxton egg farm, taking 20 battery hens and promising them a better life." Click here to read the entire story.