anonymous communique:

"A recent visit to the White Crag Plantation, found just next to Ilkley Moor, led to fencing of a pheasant pen being cut and brought down. This fencing has been recycled following a similar incident, we guess that if you have several pieces of fencing all with large holes, and you use them to cover each other, it makes one solid piece of fence. However, after our last visit this is no more. Two water butts were smashed up and pheasant feeders tipped over and their springs removed. Two bags of pheasant feed were also emptied.

After this some nearby grouse butts were toppled.

It is clear that the concern of Councillor Anne Hawksworth over grouse population stretches only so far as to her position in the shooting fraternity. She supports the small bunch of shooting extremists led by Edward Bromet to pleasure themselves over the killing of the artificially managed grouse, while persecuting other animals that rightfully belong to the moor; and we declare this attitude as disgraceful.

We call for Ilkley Moor to be a haven for wildlife and not a killing zone, demarcated by a few fanatics who wish to boast about their 'pursuits'

The following link exactly demonstrates the ridiculous nature of Hawksworths moor management schemes. The population of grouse across Rombalds moor have been decimated, and any serious walker would testify to that fact,

Stop the Ilkley Shoot.


An article from 2004:"