extracts from anonymous communiques received by La Nemesi magazine:

"Renate (Milano) - Italy
20 october 2008

18 singing birds have been liberated from a hunting cabin. They were used by hunters to call other birds. The same place had been emptied one year ago.
All the cages holding the birds have been smashed.
The birds have been released in a no-hunting area. One that was unable to fly is being cared for in a house, waiting for his moment to reach freedom."

- - -

"Cantù (como) - Italy

12 ducks have been liberated from a small farm already raided some months ago. These animals have been released in a lake.
The rabbits freed during the previous action, where the cages had been smashed, have not been replaced. This time only the hens could not be taken because the activists didn't have a house to keep them."

- - -

"Brunate (Como) - Italy
9 september.

Two hunting towers destroyed."