anonymous communique:

"While the Government and Thames Valley Police have been busy doing the bidding of the vivisection industry by passing repressive laws and making peaceful protest impossible, the ALF has also been busy, recruiting and reorganising in Oxfordshire. On the night of Saturday Oct 28 a new cell of volunteers visited Deans Farm near Witney where tens of thousands of hens are kept in battery cages. For the first time in UK sophisticated electronic incendiary devices were placed under 6 vehicles and remotely detonated from miles away. These new devices are incredibly powerful and all six lorries were completely destroyed. This attack should serve as a warning to Oxford University, the building contractor Mace Plus Ltd and all companies that profit from animal cruelty that the ALF is watching you and know this, you will be held to account. This warning is clear and unambiguous. This action is dedicated to the memory of Barry Horne and to all animal rights prisoners. Now is the time - the time is now."