anonymous communique:

"The torure of monkeys continues therefore so shall we.
In thinking of the things that are of importance to the University of Los Angeles, sadly, with high moral standards, fair and just treatment of the innocent and vunerable animals, and responsible and safe medicine not being on the list, we have taken a sudden interest in college football.
For starters, a couple of your team players left the Knapp footbal centre with a new rattling sort of sound in their mufflers as they drove away from a recent practice. Some more mufflers might just be exploding in the near future. Deny it if you like UCLA. We know they are in there.
We will also be attending the game at the Rose Bowl on the 8th to have a look around. Go Bruins! You might spot us. We will be the chaps who look like college students attnending a football game.

We know that the non animal protocols exist. UCLA needs to apply them and lay off of the torturing.
That's when we retire.