received anonymously and translated by the Swedish Earth & Animal Liberation Front Press Office:

"In the early morning of 1 November about 1600 mink were liberated outside of Skara, Sweden. These innocent animals were sentenced to death, so we set them free.

Mink are born in ultra small metal cages where they live a short life of total boredom and despair. Mink are aquatic animals who want to swim and live much of their life in water. Just imagine being forced to live in a metal wire cage when your natural life largely consists of swimming. After 6 months it is time to die. It is done in the most fascist way, namely by gas. The farms are actually death camps, with thousands and thousands of innocent victims.

Some nasty liars, animal abusers of all kinds, will say, and have already said that 'this is animal cruelty' - yes ironically they say that liberating animals out of cruelty is cruel.
The embarrassingly ignorant spokesman, Johan Dalén, of the 'swedish fur farmers organisation' says with forced seriousness: They will all suffer and almost every one will starve to death in nature.
- To answer seriously: 100% of the mink suffer at the farm. 100% are to die at the farm, if they are not released. Much indicates that many mink survive in nature.
To Johan we say: don't pretend that you care about the lives of mink when you actually get all your money from the deaths of mink.

If the mink thrived in their cages they would not be running out in less than a minute like they did that night. You better not speak untruthfully again Johan Dalén.

There is a mink population in Sweden because people liberated mink and they have managed to survive. They were not here until about 90 years ago.
But the climate is suitable for mink here, and they have never caused the extinction of other species or a local 'eco-collapse' as some animal haters say. Only humans have managed to do that!
After less than 100 years of breeding, the mink clearly still have their instincts. That takes much longer to subjugate.
You don't have to be very smart to realize that the mink are strong enough to survive. The fact that there are many wild mink in Sweden proves that.

We will not let the liar Johan Dalén be unexposed.
We also want to encourage the media to do some serious investigation about the animals and mink in freedom, and not only quote the lies of the abusers.

This action was made in the early morning of World Vegan Day.
Veganism shall not be only about sitting with your vegan friends eating vegan burgers and being proud about NOT killing as many animals as an average person.
Of course it is good to be Vegan and motivate others to GO VEGAN, but Veganism can be really powerful when you act directly- releasing the animals.

By opening just ONE cage you can change a life forever. By lifting an animal to freedom you save the entire world - for that animal.
Don't let your own fear or anything else stand between you and the freedom and life of another animal. That is not fair.

Open the cages

-Djurens Befrielsefront, Swedish ALF"