excerpt from a May 23 article in Aftenposten, one of Norway's largest newspapers:

"Never before has Norway's fur industry been as under attack as it is now. Some Oslo fur dealers have been the repeated targets of vandalism and threats. For months, fur dealers like Stein Phillip Thoresen [in photo below] in Oslo have dealt with attempted break-ins, smashed windows and other forms of vandalism. His shop, Atelier Henry Phillip, has been a constant target as has his home and even his car. He's not alone. Other clothing stores selling fur coats and accessories are frequent targets as well. Since 2003, more than 150 attacks have been reported to police. The police, however, haven't made any arrests and Thoresen is getting desperate. Unless the 'animal terrorists' are caught soon, he'll likely quit the business, which probably is exactly what those behind the attacks want him to do."

There have been two recent actions reported by DyrenesFrigjoringsfront.com:

Early on May 15, the Larsson fur store in the city of Drammen was targeted for the second time in a month. Two windows were shattered.

In the town of Tønsberg, activists targeted the Knut Poverud fur shop. Windows were broken and paint splashed into the store. According to the media, the sabotage cost the store more than 200,000 Norwegian Kroner.