reported anonymously:

"The night May 13th is hopefully the night when the mass murderer Knut Indebetou writing off his plans to open a mink farm. The scum already runs a large chicken farm, but the reason to the night's action was that he planning to make money on the skin of about 6000 innocent minks every year. A mink farm has not been started in Sweden in many years and so it should remain. It's an industry built on murder and the industry will soon be as dead as the sick people who run it.

During the night, we dug our way through Knut Indebetous parents grave, now it only remains to Knut and the cruelty he perform to end up in the grave.
The gravestone of the parents grave was placed in the garden of Knut Indebetous sister, this is because of that she has the power to affect Knut in his decision on the mink farm.
Since there will still be a need for a new gravestone at the cemetery, we placed one with Knut's name.

Knut - Let this be enough. Spare the animals and your relatives. Otherwise they will never forgive you. If the animals had the opportunity, they would do something far worse than all you have experienced so far..

Animal Rights Militia"