Received anonymously by activists in the USA:
NOTE: After the attacks, Medifacts officially cut ties with CerntraLabs and HLS

"Friday night Medifacts International - which provides crucial services to
Huntingdon Life Sciences' clinical division, Central Labs - was given a wakeup call.

President and CEO (what a cute, scummy couple) Sandra and Bruce Neil Garrett had their door, porch area, and driveway spraypainted and locks glued.

Executive Director and COO Doug Cowart had his home spray painted, locks glued, and two cars covered in paint stripper.

Consultant Bert Spilker had has his house covered in spray paint and locks glued.

CFO James Krejci had the front, back, and sides of his house spray-painted, fence and sidewalk covered with slogans like "puppy killer" and "drop Central Labs", and locks glued.

Lastly, Senior Vice President and Executive Director Vincent Lagrotteria had his house, porch, furniture, and walkway covered in spray paint and locks glued.

This is your first warning, Medifacts. Cut your ties with Central Labs or the
nightmare gets a whole lot worse."