Magia Negra

Magia Negra

received anonymously (translation):

"On the night of May 17, 2012 in Montevideo, Uruguay we destroyed posters on trees on Artigas Boulevard that advertised Black Magic.
Unfortunately in South America when black magic rituals, also called Macumba, are performed, chickens, roosters, goats and lambs are killed.
They are offered as a sacrifice to the gods to improve luck or to bring back a loved one who left.
As always the speciesist human being in his ignorance wants to use defenseless beings as objects in the name of a religion which, like all others, thinks that animals are inferior beings.

Animal Liberation Front"

"En la noche del 17 de Mayo del 2012 en Montevideo,Uruguay hemos destruido carteles en los alboles en Bulevar Artigas donde publizaban Magia Negra.
Lamentablemente en Sudamerica cuando hacen ritos de Magia negra, tambien llamada Macumba, matan gallinas, gallos, cabritos y corderitos.
Se ofrecen como sacrificio a los Dioses para tener mas suerte o hacer regresar un amor que se fue´.
Como siempre el ser humano especista con su ignorancia quiere utilizar como objetos seres indefesos en nombre de una religion que como todas piensa que los animales son seres inferores.

Frente de Liberacion Animal"