Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

In the early hours of the morning on Tuesday the 17th of May an ALF cell visited the house of Dr Christopher J. Springall. Springall is the spokesperson for Covance Laboratories and also the Vice President of their Toxicology department. He lives with his girlfriend, another Covance worker, Janet L. Kelly who is the Head of Animal House Operations in the Toxicology department. We went to their secluded countryside farmhouse (Ivin Waite Farm, Bewerley, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG3 5BJ) and did a bit of decorating. Slogans such as "Covance Killer" were spraypainted on their driveway. We also covered their mail box with paint and sprayed slogans on the main road where he and his neighbours drive every day.

As well as knowing where this pair of murderers live we have been given detailed personal information on the couple. An example is the following financial information.

Chris Springall's Barclays company credit card number is 4257 5700 0575 7111 Covance's company number with Barclays is 2339026 Chris Springall also has a bank account with account number 70796220 and sort code 20-37-13

This has just been a little warning to you Chris. Now you know we can find you and living in the middle of nowhere will not stop people turning up at your house in the middle of the night. You cannot spend every day of your life telling lies for Covance without being held accountable.

Quit your job at Covance and start a more ethical career or you can
expect more attention in the future.