reported by activists in Italy:

"End of April - Luino (Varese)
The house of franco Di Giacomo gets splashed with paint and covered with
spraypainted slogans. Di Giacomo is a friend of Daris De Rocchi, owner of
many circuses and of Alfa 3000, the company that wants to build a new zoo
in Ravenna. De Rocchi's legal address is at this same house of his friend.
The action has been claimed in opposition to the building of the new zoo.

April - Como
Activists rescued 9 rabbits from a small farmer in Fino Mornasco and
another 7 from a farm in Montano Lucino. The cages have been smashed in
both cases and the rabbits released in a wonderful place, except 2 white
rabbits that have been rehomed.

April 25 - Milano
The fur shop 'Alta Moda' has been attacked with red paint in solidarity
with activists who were stopped by police in front of that same fur shop in