anonymous communique:

"Winteringham Fields produces 6,000 dishes of foie gras a year for their salivating customers. This sick obsession with the abuse of ducks and geese is fuelled by people like McGurran who insist that giving people the freedom to abuse is the right way to go about business.

Well, as of today, your diners will be realising the liability that serving up such a heinous dish can prove.
I suspect the owner of the nice car in the drive won't be going anywhere for a while, until they get four new tires, and when they do get rolling they'll be able to show off the new paint job.

'Foie gras hell hole' was also daubed over the restaurant windows.

When your customers are deciding to visit perhaps they'll consider that just one day, it could well be their vehicles getting the treatment. But, as we all know, that is NOTHING compared to the sheer hell that restaurants like Winteringham fields choose to inflict on ducks and geese.

Until the geese and ducks are free from the gavage sheds, we will take action,

Foie Gras Retribution Squad"