anonymous report, from Země především! (translation):

"Capitalist-consumerist veganism is not a success!

Instead of taking a walk around capitalist vegan shops, buying designer
vegan clothes that may not enslave animals but that enslave humans, we
took a walk around hunting towers and destroyed them.

This is an answer for recent article Veganism for animals that was
published on the czech Earth First!

We definitely do not think (and never did even before that article) that
being vegan means just buying vegan cheese, clothes or other products
which are only a selfish consolation of one's conscience.

That's why we choose direct action against hunting towers and other

For us, the nature and animals are on the first place. We feel a great
love, solidarity, mutual understanding and tolerance to them.
Screw those who are trying to devastate and domesticate the Earth, flora
and fauna. Towards such people we can feel only contempt and the longing
to spit in their faces.

We also send love to Walter Bond, Sven, Natasha and all ALF and ELF

We are sending courage and power!
We will stay active!
Earth First!"