received anonymously:

"On 30/04, we sabotaged the lockers of 18 meat-stores (in 3 of them butchers were locked inside), blocking for a while their preparation for the biggest sale of
dead animals for the Easter Sunday. This action does not only target the
transaction of dead animals, but it's also an attack to the greek tradition
which has some of the most rotten customs. Their basic characteristic is the
feast of dead animal bodies for the rising of the national pride and the bloody
seal of human's domination on animals.
Greek tradition is closely linked to christianity. From the hypocrisy of fasting
during the lent (40 days of fasting) which is nothing more than blindly obeying
to the church's rules, until the bloody catharsis of the slaughter of the
Easter, the victims are countless animals. Besides the slaughter of lambs in
the name of a non-existing god, there is also the invisible exploitation of
millions of chickens so the can 'provide' their eggs, so they can be used as
toys for the tradition.
The religion of the unreasonable demands the proccession of the epitaph followed by the faithful zombies, the submissiveness and the deprivation so they can feel like a martyr with the reward of the consumption of infinite flesh in the
biggest feast of the year. Finally, the non-real sacrifice by a non-real
god-human is symbolized by the genocide that takes place every Easter Sunday.
Until the last butcher is hanged by the guts of the last priest.
Screams of lambs"