As reported by the the Swedish ALF SG:

During the night to may the 6th, activists raided a private breeder of
rabbits for vivisection in Skivarp, Sweden.

The activists had been there before to check the place out and had then
found around 20 rabbits and also several dead rabbit babies. This time when
they arrived there was only 4 rabbits left, probably the breeders and two of
the females were pregnant. The others has most likely already been sent to
animal experiments.

The breeding facility was in very bad shape and the activists said in the
communique that all the rabbits had owergrown claws and were in a bad
condition. Two of the rabbits also had infections. The animals has now been
treated and are living in big enclosure where they can dig, jump and eat

10 pigeons that was bred in small cages was also rescued. The reason for
breeding them is not known, but it is very likely they were also bred for

Slogans were also sprayed on the property to cause damage.

The communique ends with: "We will never betray the animals. We know what you do to them in the laboratories, on the fur farms and in the meat
industry. We have seen the fear in their eyes and now when we know we can never stop fighting for their freedom. - Animal abusers and murders - You will never escape the ALF! "

The Swedish ALF SG did also receive some pictures of the animals and their conditions.